15 Best Christmas Gifts For Your Gay Friend

As you check each name off your Christmas list, you want to be sure that the gift you get matches each individual style and personality. For every age, gender, personality, interest, price point and more, there are gift ideas right for you. 

Don’t opt for boring gift cards when there’s a wide selection of items you can get to delight your friends and family. 

When it comes to finding that perfect gift for your friend who identifies as gay, your options are just as varied as getting a gift for any friend. 

The key is to tailor the gift to match his unique style and personality. Finding a gift that matches a hobby or interest speaks volume to your friendship. 

As you continue your Christmas shopping, or are just getting started, here are 15 great gift ideas for your friend. 

15 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Friend 

AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage - 28-Inch1. Luggage

Fuel your friend’s love – or need – to travel with sturdy luggage to get him there.

Hardshell luggage pieces are durable and helps keep his clothes and other belongings safe during travel.

Styles like this one from Amazon for about $70 have four wheels for easy pulling around. The material the bag is made out of matters, as the sturdier the better when it comes to durability.

They also come in a variety of fun colors so you can get him the look he wants.

You can also add an element of personalization with a fun luggage tag to complete the gift. 


WeciBor Men's Dress Cool Colorful Fancy Novelty Funny Casual Combed Cotton Crew Socks Pack2. Fun socks 

From bold to simple, socks are a common gift idea that you can’t really go wrong with. With so many patterns and styles, it’s very easy to find a pair or several that he won’t be able to wait to wear. 

If your friend prefers simpler patterns and colors, he’ll get good use out of a simple collection of dress socks.

But if his personality is a little more fun and flirty, go with bright and colorful collections, like these from Amazon

You can also find socks at all price points. Pick something he likes to do or eat and find a sock pattern that matches him. 


AUSKY 8 PACKS Elegant Adjustable Pre-tied bow ties for Men Boys in Different Colors3. Bowtie 

From another day at the office to a fun wedding with friends, a bowtie can dress up any outfit.

It can also make a great Christmas gift. Choose from a variety of patterns and colors to get something you know he’ll wear.

You can also get bowties that come already tied, like this 8-pack from Amazon for just $13.

These kinds of bowties make it quick and easy to put on. He also won’t have to worry about remembering how to tie it himself.


All-New Fire 7 Tablet4. Amazon Kindle 

If your friend is an avid reader, or hopes to be one, an Amazon Kindle can help fuel his learning.

Choose from a variety of models that come with different features based on how high-tech he is. Basic models start at just $50.

An Amazon Kindle makes it easy to get and download books he can take on the go.

They are lightweight with great battery life so he won’t have to stop in the middle of a great read.


DuoMuo Coaster Vinyl Record Disk Coasters for Drinks - Tabletop Protection Prevents Furniture Damage (6 PCS Vinyl)5. Drink Coasters

Help him preserve his coffee table with fun and decorative coasters. With a range of styles and designs, you can find a set that matches his personality. From square to circle to personalized with your own photos, the possibilities are endless. 

Grab a simple patterned set for a minimalist look. Or, add a pop of color to the table with these fun record disk set from Amazon for just $7. 


6. Coffee Mug 

Does your frienContigo Snapseal Byron Stainless Steel Travel Mugd prefer that first cup of coffee in the morning or an afternoon sip of herbal tea? Either way, a coffee mug or tumbler can keep his beverage warm. 

Choose a mug or thermos that has a sturdy lid that insulates heat to hold in the heat. Contigo mugs are great at keeping beverages warm. They are fairly affordable, such as a 24 oz mug for just $9 on Amazon



Calvin Klein Cotton Stretch V-Neck7. V-Neck T-Shirts

Forget crewneck. The v-neck t-shirt has grown in fashion popularity and makes a great gift idea for that best guy friend. It’s a style he can wear while working out or walking around. He can wear it as another layer or for a warm-weather look. 

You can find v-neck t-shirts at all price points. The variety comes in brand and fabric quality. For example, cotton v-necks from Calvin Klein run for $20 on Amazon.



Venero Crystal Whiskey Glasses8. Drink Glasses

If your friend enjoys a drink every once in a while, try a set of glasses. Find a collection that matches his drink preferences. Get him tall beer glasses for his favorite lagers.

Or a set of stemless, thin-rimmed glasses for a smooth wine. Or short and sturdy set of glasses for a variety of spirits, like this $30 set from Amazon

You can often find these at all price points, as well. If you know his drink of choice, give him the opportunity to enjoy it at home with his own glasses. And then ask him to pour you one, too. 


Veken French Press Coffee Maker 9. French Press

When your friend is craving that first morning cup of coffee, get him a way to make it himself.

A classic french press can be a decorative and fun way to liven up the kitchen. It can also help him fuel a new hobby of making fancy coffee combinations.

Choose from stainless steel or other material like copper. Most presses are also quite affordable, like this one from Amazon for just $25. 


Beard Comb & Brush Set for Men's Care10. Beard Grooming Kit 

Help him keep his precious beard on point with a beard grooming kit. Many kits come with all the essentials like a comb, oil and scissors.

This one from Amazon for just $10 is easy to carry and has all he needs. It’s also made from durable bamboo, so it’s good for both him and the environment. 


OontZ Angle 3 (3rd Gen) - Bluetooth Portable Speaker11. Portable Speaker

Help him carry his tunes wherever he goes with a portable speaker. With bluetooth technology, he can easily connect the speaker his phone or other devices.

With a variety of stylish and sleek designs, you can also find one that matches his style.

These trendy speakers come at a variety of price points perfect for any budget. This one from Amazon sells for just $26.

It comes in a variety of colors and other features like water resistance and great sound quality.

Moleskine Classic Notebook12. Notebook

Give him a space to write down all his thoughts and ideas in a durable journal.

Brands like Moleskine use a sturdy hard cover that helps to protect the important notes inside. Journals can also be very affordable, such as this simple black one from Amazon for just $16. 


Classic Wood Ballpoint Pens 13. Nice Pens

If he already has a journal he loves, consider adding another writing tool to his desk.

Choose a pen design that matches his style. Whether made with sleek metal or smooth wood, fashion pens are in.

Give him confidence as he writes with nice pens, like these wood ones from Amazon for $13. 


Kamenstein14. Spice Rack

If your friend loves to cook, give him a way to spice up his dishes. A simple spice rack, like this one from Amazon for just $32, is a practical gift idea that he’ll use all the time.

Whether he’s needing some extra heat to a dish or bring out different flavors, spices can do the trick. Fuel his hobby for cooking and get him something to add to his kitchen counter.


Leaper Retro Messenger Bag Canvas Shoulder Backpack Travel Rucksack Sling Bag15. Messenger Bag

Give him a space to carry all his work and travel items with a durable messenger bag. With a variety of styles and fabrics, you can find a design that matches his personality. From fancy to simple to sporty to designer, bags come in all price points and styles.

For more of a backpack look, try one like this one from Amazon for about $30. They come in a variety of colors so you can be sure to get one that’s perfect for him. 

Find The Gift That Fits His Style

Not one of your friends are the same. When it comes to getting the perfect Christmas gift for your friends identifying as gay, be intentional.

Use this helpful list as a starting point to finding that gift that shows what he means to you and your gratitude for your friendship.

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